The Shrine of Saint Margaret of Castello

There has been a special devotion to St. Margaret of Castello at St. Patrick Church, 262 North Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215 since the early 1930’s. Following the “Great Fire of 1935,” Fr. James McKenna, O.P. established the Blessed Margaret Guild and Shrine. There was an expansion of the Shrine as a separate chapel in the back of St. Patrick in the renovations of the 1970’s.

The main focus of the Shrine is, of course, the wonderful statue of Our Little Margaret carved from one solid piece of wood. The tapestry on the right-hand wall depicts the life of Little Margaret, and the cross is made from the timbers of the 1935 fire, and has been named the Cross of Sorrow. Also on the right is a first class relic, a shard of her bone, housed in a wooden newel.

The large reliquary located in the center of the shrine houses a relic of the heart of St. Margaret, which is venerated each Wednesday following the 11:45am mass.

There is space for prayer and mediation and the opportunity to offer a blessed candle.