A message for our time

Margaret of Castello was born in a small town in Italy in the year 1287.  Born with multiple disabilities, her parents were ashamed of her and imprisoned her at the age of 6. They later abandoned her.  She lived an incredible life of holiness until her death at the age of 33.  Please take some time to learn about her, her life of great love for God and how this humble person who was unwanted and abandoned has a powerful and relevant message for us today.



“Blessed Margaret, patron of the unwanted, pray for us”



Sadly, we live in a society today where human life is treated as cheap and disposable.  The witness of her life demonstrates the inherent dignity of every person, born and preborn, independent of the ‘value’ society puts on his or her life. The message she has for our time is that every life that God creates is worthy of our love.


This site was created by the Guild for Margaret of Castello and is devoted to spreading the message about her life and supporting the cause for her canonization. We also have Blessed Margaret medals available from our online store.